A Black Hole in the Turkish Local Administration System: The Appointment of Trustees

Focusing on the political context of trustee practices, this policy report reveals their impact on Turkey’s administrative structure. It addresses the rising centralization and authoritarian trends in Turkey, emphasizing the need for local autonomy and the damaging role of trustee practices in eroding local democracy. As Turkey approaches its local elections, this report aims to present a legal and human rights-based perspective on the issues posed by trustee appointments, seeks to focus on the background and political and legal contexts of these practices.

New Constitution in The Second Century

This study will attempt to make framework proposals for a new constitution, which will meet today’s needs and have the vision for the future based on past experiences and taking into account the above mentioned objective conditions. The study objective is to investigate social, political and economic aspects of the need for a new constitution, confront with and discuss the first century and contribute to the development of a new constitution to build the second century in a more comprehensive and pluralist manner.

Perceptions and Attitudes of Kurdish Generation Z Towards Asylum Seekers and Refugees

This study focuses on the dynamics that shape the view of the members of Kurdish generation Z on “foreigners” , “others” within the context of refugees and asylum seekers and seeks to reveal social, cultural and psychological background of these groups’ interests, perceptions and attitudes. The study findings are examined in 5 main categories in questions about asylum seekers and refugees: 1- Residence permit, 2-Economic impact, 3-Repatriation, 4-Citizenship and 5-Social relationships.

Kurdish Gen Z

We at Spectrum House try to understand the new emerging dynamics in political, cultural and social platforms in an era where new system theories and social models are discussed and carry out research and studies to do this. In this study we intended to understand what the opinions and experiences of the Kurdish generation Z are in a wide range of matter that are in direct and indirect focus of the politics including identity, belonging, social life, religion, gender, future plans and dreams.

Quantifying Degree of Circularity in Turkey: Material Flow Analysis

In recent years, circular economy (CE) has gained significant prominence as a tool to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Thus, policy makers in both developed and developing countries have taken strides towards implementing strategies and legislations to improve circularity within their respective nations.

HDP Voters Living in Istanbul

As Spectrum House, we tried to measure the opinions, level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction and expectations of HDP voters living in Istanbul to see if there is any change in their standing point. The public opinion surveys conducted also aimed to measure how HDP voters interpret the local governments experience, their overall satisfaction with special focus on local services, their priorities, expectations and possible attitudes in the event of an early or ordinary election.