It is a definite ultimate need to determine and develop new policies and strategies as a result of major phenomena experienced on a global scale. In an era where new system theories and social models are in under discussion, we consider a Think Tank organization integrated with discovery of time and space is an urgent need to understand the dynamics of the change in the world.

Moving from all these reasons and facts,

SPECTRUM HOUSE stands out being an independent think-tank that brings together independent researchers and academics from different backgrounds to produce analyses, research and policy recommendations on social peace, economic welfare, democracy, equality and sustainable environment and urban policies in Turkey. SPECTRUM HOUSE offers solutions and perspectives to decision makers for the development of inclusive and sustainable policies and strategies within the framework of universal norms to contribute determining correct, realistic and socialist policies.


  • We conduct and publish political, economic, social and economic public opinion surveys as well as enlightening, instructive and practical researches and studies,
  • We provide project analysis services for all sorts of research and examination studies,
  • We carry out risk assessment and reporting services  and provide consultancy services to legal and real persons, public institutions and official organizations,
  • We provide newsletters and consultancy services to public institutions and companies.